Police: Woman impersonated mom so teen could play hooky

MONROE, Wash. -- A Monroe woman is in big trouble for allegedly impersonating a mom to help a couple of kids play hooky from school.

Police say 32-year-old Jackie Sevillano called Monroe High School and identified herself as the mother of 15-year-old Mathew LaPlante so the boy could get out of school.

Sevillano, who is the mother of one of LaPlante's buddies, said Mathew had a doctor's appointment and couldn't make it to class.

That didn't go over well with Laplante's real mother, Susan.

"I was shocked, and I got the call from the school," Susan said.

Living in a small town like Monroe can have its advantages, and Susan said one of those advantages is that most people know each other.

"The people at the school, they know the moms and dads," she said. "When she said she was me, (the school secretary) recognized that was not my voice."

Police say LaPlante later admitted to hanging out and smoking pot at an abandoned car dealership instead of going to class.

"It didn't have dire consequences, but in another instance it could have," Susan said.

Investigators say Sevillano eventually confessed to making the call. After refusing to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, Sevillano is now facing a felony charge of first degree criminal impersonation.

Susan said that's just fine with her.

"I think that what she did was really wrong," she said.

Mathew later apologized for ditching class, but said he doesn't think his friend's mom should face a felony for what she did.