Police: Victim apparently comes out $60 ahead in robbery

SEATTLE -- If what a woman told officers is true, it appears she actually came out $60 ahead after being taken hostage and robbed at knifepoint Saturday afternoon in downtown Seattle.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim was waiting for a bus near Third Avenue and Pike Street around 2 p.m. when a man holding a knife walked up, introduced himself and asked where her bank was.

The man reportedly told the victim not to try anything or he would have to use the knife, and the two walked to two different Chase ATMs over the next 30 to 40 minutes.

The victim told officers the man deposited a $300 money order into her account at the first ATM and had her withdraw $240. She said she only had $41 in her account prior to the man's deposit.

They didn't make any transactions at the second ATM, but the victim said she is sure the man was captured on both ATM's surveillance cameras.

After visiting the second ATM, the man freed the victim, telling her he would kill her if she told anyone, according to the report.

Immediately after the robbery, the victim went shopping at TJ Maxx, using cash she already had on her. She didn't report the robbery until the next morning, telling officers she was too afraid.