Police: Thieves targeting Ford trucks in Western Washington

SEATTLE -- They may be "built tough," but police say Ford trucks are not theft proof.

Ford F250 and F350 pickup trucks made between 2000 and 2006 are increasingly being targeted by thieves, according to Shari Ireton of the Snohomish County sheriff's office.

"Which is unusual because usually we see Honda's (being stolen)," Ireton said.

Ireton said in April alone there were at least 20 thefts in Snohomish County. And it's not just Shohomish County, either.

"Basically from Bellingham all the way down to Auburn, all agencies are seeing an increase in pickup thefts," she said.

Shair Compton had no idea her truck was a target, but now that she knows she said she's planning on installing a new security system.

"I was like, how do you steal something this big?" Compton said. "I could see a Honda, but this, I mean they're loud, they're diesels."

What many say is even more disturbing is just how easy it is to steal the trucks.

"There's a group of people that have figured out how to steal them and steal them very quickly," Ireton said.

In many cases, police say all it takes is 30 seconds.

Some of the stolen trucks are stripped for parts, but police say the theft may not stop at your ride.

"They steal your truck at your house, fill it with your items and drive away," Ireton said.

The best way to keep your pickup from becoming a target is to install a security system with GPS tracking. And, as always, owners should call the police if they see any suspicious people peering into their truck.