Police: Thieves pose as security guards to break into cars

NORMANDY PARK, Wash. - Police are looking for a thief bold enough to pose as a security guard to break into cars in a Normandy Park neighborhood.

And now social media may have helped investigators find valuable evidence.

Police say a neighbor confronted a man and woman smashing out the rear windows of cars and breaking into them before dawn Tuesday at the Manhattan Apartments. The pair told the neighbor they were security guards - and were even wearing uniforms that said security, according to police.

There was another break-in at the nearby Normandy Villa Apartments around the same time. When police arrived they arrested the woman - but the man ran off.

Officers are currently looking for the man - and the Normandy Park police chief is using the department's Facebook page to get the word out - posting all the details.

And that posting may have already helped find evidence. Someone posted that a security jacket was hanging on a sign behind the nearby QFC store, and officers quickly picked it up.

Neighbors say the thieves are frighteningly bold.

"Pretty freaky considering we live in a really nice neighborhood and just down the street from the police academy, says neighbor Joshua Dutton. "Yeah, it's pretty scary."