Police: Thieves burglarizing hotel to stock homeless camp

SEATTLE -- A group of homeless people is making a habit of stealing cushions and bedding from a North Seattle hotel and using it to stock their nearby camp, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to a police report for the incident, security footage from April 9 shows three people using a long wire to unlatch a security gate and make off with four couch cushions from a fourth-floor landing. Management believed the people responsible are the same people often seen loitering around the hotel on North Northgate Way.

Cushions and bedding were again taken from the hotel, this time out of its housekeeping office, May 10. Security footage shows two people using the same wire method of entering hotel property, according to the police report.

After the second theft, a housekeeping employee said she saw some of the hotel's bedding at a homeless camp on the east side of the hotel. Furthermore, she said she knows one of the camp's residents from grade school.

According to the report, officers found the hotel's cushions and bedding at the camp and caught up with the camp's four residents, who were eating across the street from the hotel.

They informed the camp's residents they were not allowed on hotel property and would be arrested if found on it again.

To paraphrase from the greatest song in Disney's oeuvre: "Gotta steal to sleep; gotta sleep to live; tell you all about it when I got the time."