Police Taser, shoot at knife-wielding man in U District

SEATTLE -- Police shot at -- and missed -- a man waving two knives outside of a University District caf Thursday evening.

Officers arrived at Caf Racer on Roosevelt Way at about 5 p.m. after getting calls about a man waving two large butcher knives outside of the business.

The man took off on foot when police arrived, and several officers went after him, chasing him as he hopped over several fences in the neighborhood.

They caught up with him a short time later. By that time the man was down to a single knife, and when he started walking toward officers, they used a Taser on him, according to police.

Instead of dropping his knife, police say he used it to cut the Taser wires from his body and continued toward the officers.

"He approached the officers again, one officer opened fire, firing one round towards him, did not strike him," said Patrick Michaud with the Seattle Police Department.

The knife-wielding man then took off on foot again, but officers soon found him in the area of 41st Avenue and Roosevelt Way.

The man again refused to drop his knife, at which point SWAT officers opened fire on him using rubber bullets. It's unclear if he was hit. The suspect briefly hid behind a garbage can before surrendering to police.

Julien Hanush, a 20-year-old University of Washington student, lives nearby and heard the officers speaking with the suspect.

"I heard from my apartment what I thought was a firecracker, but as soon as I heard the police officers yelling, 'Put down the knife," I knew it was a gunshot," he said.

The suspect, who has not been named, is facing felony harassment charges. He was not seriously injured.