Police: Suspect won't let pregnancy stop her from beating driver

SEATTLE -- A furious woman wasn't going to let her pregnancy stop her from beating a fellow driver she accused of following her last week in First Hill, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was waiting to turn right out of an alley in the 1100 block of Summit Avenue East around 10:15 a.m. Aug. 4 when a woman who appeared to be about seven-months pregnant yelled at her to move so she could turn left into the alley.

The pregnant suspect backed her car up to allow the victim to exit the alley. The victim turned left then circled the block to return to a nearby parking lot, where she stopped to use her phone to find a gas station.

The victim drove back into the alley so she could get onto Spring Street when the suspect walked in front of her car. According to the report, the suspect accused the victim of following her, something the victim assured her she wasn't doing.

The suspect reportedly walked up to the victim's open window and said, "Pregnant or not, I'm going to beat your ass," then took a swing at the victim with her keys.

The victim blocked the attack, and the suspect went back to her car, which was parked nearby.

According to the report, the victim drove behind the suspect's car to prevent her from leaving while on the phone with 911.

The suspect reportedly backed into the victim's car while yelling that she had to get to work.

The victim eventually moved her car when the suspect appeared ready to ram it a second time, and the suspect drove off, according to the report.

Despite getting the suspect's license plate number from the victim, officers were unable to find her. The registered owner of the car matches the description of the suspect given by the victim.

According to the report, officers couldn't find any visible damage to the victim's car despite her claim that the suspect had backed into it hard enough to move it.