Police: Spike in temperature brings spike in burglaries

SEATTLE -- With the temperature rising, more and more people are leaving their doors and windows open to cool down, and police say that's great news for burglars.

Thieves love the heat, and Seattle police say they generally see a spike in burglaries when a heat wave rolls into town.

A Ballard woman said thieves even tried stacking her lawn furniture high enough to sneak in her second story window. The ingenuity of local burglars is enough to scare some residents into closing and locking their own windows.

"As soon as I tell my wife, she'll be like, 'Close the windows,' for sure," said Brent Durst. "If I was living alone I might not."

Police say thieves see open windows and doors as an open invitation to steal.

"It's amazing how somebody will be in the backyard in a chair chilling out or sunbathing, they leave the doors open for ventilation and a burglar walks right in, in there for 30 seconds to a minute, gets some stuff and they're gone. They don't even know they were burglarized," said Jeff Kappel with the Seattle Police Department.

And it's not just homes that are at risk. Police say more people are leaving their car windows open to stay cool.

Casey Pier left her window rolled down when she stopped to run an errand.

"I'm usually a little more mindful," she said. "I'm just thinking about popping in and out really fast, you know. It didn't even cross my mind."

Police say if you have to leave your window open while you park, make sure it's rolled down no wider than an arm's width.