Police: Sleeping man with gun foils jewelry-shop burglars

CENTRALIA, Wash. -- A pair of burglars' meticulously planned jewelry heist was foiled by the one thing they hadn't counted on, a man with a gun sleeping inside the business, according to the Centralia Police Department.

According to police, two men cut through the wall of Salewsky's Jewelry in the 200 block of North Tower Avenue from a neighboring vacant business Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, a relative of the jewelry shop's owner was sleeping in an upstairs room and heard noises coming from the showroom.

He went downstairs armed with a handgun and found one of the men trying to get jewelry out of the cases, according to police.

The family member ordered the man wearing a ski mask to stop what he was doing and fired his gun.

According to police, it's not clear whether or not the family member actually shot the thief, who crawled back through the hole in the wall of the business.

A witness outside told officers he saw two men with ski masks running away from the business.

The men hopped into two separate cars with women behind the wheel, and drove off, according to the witness. The cars were described as a red Mercedes CLK and a silver Toyota Scion.

After all their trouble, it is unknown if the men actually got away with any jewelry, according to police.