Police: Sex offender who talked about abducting women is missing

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Detectives are hunting for a Level III sex offender who disappeared from his Marysville residence several weeks ago, following statements about abducting women from a trail and sexually assaulting them, according to the Marysville Police Department.

In light of those statements, police "are concerned enough to ask the public to help us get Stains into custody," Commander Robb Lamoureux said in a press release.

John Stains, 39, pleaded guilty to incest in 2009 after sexually assaulting a woman and threatening to kill her after she allowed him to stay at her home.

According to police, Stains was supposed to be living at a house in the 4900 block of 61st Street. But when detectives showed up for a monthly check on Thursday, they were told he had left several weeks earlier.

While in prison, Stains declined to participate in sex-offender treatment and recently talked about abducting and sexually assaulting women, according to police.

In addition, Stains has a Department of Corrections warrant out for him for escaping community custody.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Editor's note: A Marysville Police Department press release initially claimed Stain's statements were made recently, but was corrected later to say they were made in 2009, as part of his originial conviction.