Police: Robber takes victim's small puppy at gunpoint

SEATTLE -- A robber took a man's small puppy at gunpoint early Monday in Madrona, according to the Seattle Police Department. And even though the robber eventually gave the puppy back (while reportedly keeping the victim's wallet and cellphone), that's still pretty cold.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was at the East Portal Viewpoint in the 1300 block of Lake Washington Boulevard around 5:15 a.m. to watch the sunrise with friends.

While they were waiting, a few other men, including the suspect, arrived and also seemed to be checking out the view.

According to the report, the suspect started talking to the victim and his friends. He asked if they were in a gang (they said no), showed them a wound on his hand where his pit bull had bit him, and said his cousin had recently been shot.

During the conversation, the suspect was drinking from a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, according to the report.

The suspect and his friends eventually went back to their car. According to the report, the suspect came back a short time later, mumbled something, and took a handgun from his waistband.

The suspect told the victim and his friends to empty their pockets, and one of the suspect's friends took their wallets and cellphones, according to the report.

The suspect and his friends were walking away when the suspect reportedly turned back around, stuck his gun in the victim's side, and demanded the victim's small puppy.

The victim reluctantly handed the dog over to one of the suspect's friends.

Just before the suspect got into his car, he put the puppy on the ground and let it run back to the victim, according to the report.

The suspect and his friends drove off before officers arrived and couldn't be located.

The suspect is described as a Somali man with stitches between his index and middle fingers. He was driving a white Chevy Impala at the time of the incident.