Police rescue deaf girls from Bremerton house fire

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Two hearing impaired Bremerton girls say they're alive because of the heroics of police officers who rushed in to save them from a burning home.

Because of their hearing loss they didn't know the house was burning down around them early Tuesday morning.

"There was a lot of smoke down here when the police came in and we were like, 'Whoa, we're still alive,'" said fire victim Sara Mayfield,

Seventeen-year old Sara and her 10-year old sister Katelyn know they're lucky to be alive following a duplex fire Tuesday morning while their father and brother were away. The unit upstairs was in flames and Bremerton police officers were quickest to the scene. They didn't know if anyone was downstairs and made the decision they needed to break in.

"The most alarming thing to me was once we made entry was the heat. You could feel the heat radiating through the ceiling from the fire upstairs," said Bremerton police Sgt. Billy Renfro, "

Renfro and officer Brian Hall found the two girls still asleep in their beds. The girls first thought the men were burglars, but soon learned the gravity of the situation.

"Katelyn, the poor little thing, she was obviously startled with our presence," Renfro said.

"The police just came in and gave us a shock. It's like weird and we never thought the fire would happen," Sara said.

Renfro and Hall put blankets around the girls and led them to the safety of a nearby police car.

Flames were shooting through the upstairs and deadly smoke was building downstairs. Without the police heroics what would have happened?

"We probably would have died," said Sara.

Instead they are very much alive and wanted to deliver a special message to the officers. Sara,

"We'd like to say thank you to them," Sara said.

The family is now getting a special flashing light smoke detector so their hearing loss won't put them in jeopardy again should fire break out.