Police release images of suspected sorority burglar

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Police Department has released three surveillance-camera images of the man suspected of breaking into a University of Washington sorority house last week.

According to the police report for the incident, one of the Sigma Kappa sorority house's approximately 96 residents was working on her computer in her room around 3:20 a.m. March 7 when she left to use the restroom. When she got back, the suspect was reportedly standing in her bedroom with her blanket over his head.

Unsure if the suspect was a friend of someone who lived in the house, the woman asked for her blanket back. According to the report, the man threw her blanket down and ran away.

Police originally stated no one was inside the sorority in the 4500 block of 22nd Avenue Northeast when the suspect entered. That is not the case.

It appears the suspect entered the house through a second-floor window, using a ladder left behind by a repair company. A door was also found propped open by a sponge, indicating the suspect may have made multiple trips in and out of the house.

According to the report, the suspect rode away on a bicycle and was unable to be found by an extensive search.