Police release 911 tapes from U District home invasion

SEATTLE -- Recently-released 911 tapes show two University of Washington students displaying incredible courage during a frightening home invasion.

In the early hours of March 5, convicted rapist {A href=""}Robert Hitt allegedly broke into a U District home and held six young women at knifepoint. What Hitt didn't know was that two other roommates remained hidden and called 911.

The first 911 call came from a downstairs bedroom. The caller whispered to a dispatch operator about someone being inside the house and hearing one of her roommates scream.

Asked how long ago she heard the scream, the woman said, "Two minutes ago. I can hear her still. It sounds like she's alright, but it sounds like he's harassing her so I'm scared for her."

Moments later, another 911 call came in from an upstairs bedroom.

"I'm in the back, hiding in a corner," the caller said.

Neither woman knew who the man was, but one of them told the dispatcher that she heard him making threats.

"(He said) I'll stab you," she said.

The woman also heard the sound of duct taping ripping off a roll as the man taped up her roommates.

"He's taping her. He's taping her somewhere. I'm worried he's going to come find me," she said.

Just seconds later, police arrived at the house and arrested Hitt.

The women were not physically hurt during the ordeal. Hitt was charged with nine felonies, including kidnapping and robbery. He'll be arraigned next week and faces a life sentence if he's convicted.