Police: Prolific ID thieves get greedy, steal construction signs

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Four people who apparently got away with stealing and forging hundreds of documents finally went too far, getting themselves arrested after boosting two construction signs for whatever reason, according to the Bellevue Police Department.

According to police, a resident at the Hidden Creek Condominiums in the 800 block of 126th Place Northeast called a construction company after spotting two of their signs on a neighbor's patio. The signs appeared to have been stolen, and the construction company confirmed they had been taken from a work site.

Police responded after the construction company called 911 and arrested three people on outstanding warrants and a fourth person who reportedly admitted to stealing the signs.

According to the police, one of the suspects had three fake Washington ID cards on them.

A search of the suspects' condo turned up 39 fraudulent Washington ID cards and driver's licenses, 67 fraudulent credit cards, 28 false government ID cards, seven fake Social Security cards and several hundred forged checks, according to police.

Police are contacting the victims, who apparently had their identities stolen by the suspects after their mail was stolen or cars broken into.