Police: Owner's dad caught installing hidden cameras in spa

SEATTLE -- The owner of a Capitol Hill spa and tanning salon is devastated after catching her father -- who has a history in the pornography industry -- installing hidden video cameras meant to record her clients naked, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Julie Eisenberg, who owns Solar Tan, told police she went home sick Feb. 20 and took the next two days off. When she returned to check on the business, she found someone had changed the lock on her private office.

"I felt like I was going insane," Eisenberg said.

An employee informed her that her father had come in Feb. 21 with a locksmith and a security camera crew and told employees he was managing the business while his daughter was out sick. According to the report, he sent the employees home and canceled everyone scheduled to work that weekend, citing maintenance.

"He leaves this note for my employees, (saying) 'locksmiths: do not open or re-key this door without contacting (him). He leaves his phone number," Eisenberg said.

She told officers her father has never been a part of the business and had not been asked to run it in her absence.

In addition to the changed locks, a number of ceiling tiles were out of place. According to the report, bundles of digital video cables could be seen running above the ceiling and ending in a room where clients showered before or after spa services and received air-brush tanning.

Eisenberg told officers that clients, including children, would be completely naked in the room.

She said her father has an extensive history of involvement in the pornography industry and has talked multiple times about installing security cameras in her business despite her telling him she doesn't need or want them.

The cables, the ends of which were dangling directly above the showers, had no cameras attached, and the owner believes her father meant to come back that day to finish the installation, as he had told employees not to come into work.

According to the report, the owner also discovered someone had forged multiple checks in her name and damaged some plumbing in the building.

While Eisenberg does not believe any images were recorded -- since there were no cameras and Solar Tan was closed -- she is concerned about losing business and can't afford the expenses related to bad checks, damages and being closed for repairs.

She told officers she is devastated by the thought of her clients being victimized and was shocked her father would do this to her. According to the report, she spoke with officers about getting court protection against her father.