Police: Overly optimistic shoplifter tries to steal 31 purses

SEATTLE -- They say if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything. But even that has its limits, such as trying to walk out of a department store with a comically large amount of stolen purses in full view of multiple security guards.

According to a report from the Seattle Police Department, a woman attempted to walk out of the downtown Seattle Macy's shortly before 12:30 p.m. Sunday with her arms full of 23 purses and handbags but was stopped at the door by a loss-prevention officer who had been watching her.

The suspect dropped the mountain of stolen bags and ran outside and around the corner, where she failed to get back into the store through another entrance, according to the report.

The suspect reportedly went around the block and came right back in the door she had previously escaped from, this time grabbing eight handbags and purses and attempting to walk out with them.

According to the report, a second loss-prevention officer stopped the suspect and was able to handcuff her as she attempted to escape.

All told, the 31 purses the suspect reportedly tried to steal were valued at nearly $1,700. In addition to those purses, the suspect also had two other purses on her that may have been stolen despite the presence of her personal belongings in them.

The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of felony theft.

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