Police on alert after kids spot flasher near West Seattle school

SEATTLE -- Parents and staff are on alert at a school in West Seattle after students saw a man exposing himself near a playground.

Police say the man got out of a silver minivan that was parked next to the sidewalk. Once officers got to the scene, he was already gone.

Administrators at Holy Rosary School said they sent out an email to parents Monday after several students spotted the man during the school's first lunch period. He was naked from the waist down.

The man was never on school grounds, administrators said.

The girls who spotted him reported the incident right away, administrators said. By the time police got there about six minutes later, he was gone. Officers never found him.

"My reaction is, 'yucky.' Why is it this school that they keep, you know ... I don't get it," said parent Lisa Guthrie, who has three children who attend classes at the school.

"This person needs some help and I just hope he looks for it and finds it," said Holy Rosary School Principal George Hofbauer.

At least three flashings were reported around school in West Seattle last September. Police said it's too early to know if there's any connection to Monday's case, but it's definitely something they're looking into.

The man involved in Monday's incident was described as white, heavyset, and in his 30s.

School administrators said teachers plan to step up patrols around school grounds along with members of the junior and senior football teams from the Lutheran school next door.

Police said if you spot the man, call 911 right way.
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