Police: Officers arrest North Face-loving shoplifters

SEATTLE -- Officers arrested two incredibly brand-loyal women last week after the pair shoplifted North Face merchandise from the downtown Seattle Macy's at least four times in the past six weeks, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the most recent shoplifting incident, Macy's security noticed four women with empty bags walking around the North Face department and taking large amounts of merchandise off the racks last Thursday night.

Security employees later told officers the four women are frequent shoplifters, coming into the store before closing and taking North Face merchandise.

According to the report, employees noticed the women had merchandise with security tags still attached in their bags and followed them around the store as they dropped the merchandise out of their bags and onto the floor.

When two security employees told the women to leave, they said they needed to use the bathroom. When they were informed they couldn't because the store was closing, one of the women took out a metal chain and swung it at the employees, nearly hitting them, according to the report.

The security employees called police, and the women left the store, all four setting off the security sensors at the door, according to the report.

Officers found two of the women, including the one with the chain, sitting on a bench, and they were positively identified by Macy's security, according to the report.

The two women were booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of robbery and voice mails were left for their mothers.