Police: Men rob victim, apologize, rob him again

SEATTLE -- Three men attacked and robbed another man early last Saturday in the Mt. Baker neighborhood before returning the man's belongings, apologizing and robbing him a second time, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the three indecisive robbers approached the victim inside a minimart in the 2800 block of Martin Luther King Junior Way South around 1:45 a.m. and asked him to buy them cigarettes.

The victim said no and left the store, but the men reportedly followed him, asking if he wanted to hang out with them. The victim told them he just wanted to go home.

The victim later told officers the three men jumped him when they were all a few blocks south of the minimart. He said he fought back, but the men knocked him down and took his iPhone and bag of CDs.

According to the report, the men came back moments later, put the victim's belongings on a bench at a nearby bus stop, and ran to a minimart across the street.

The victim retrieved his phone and started making a call when one of the men came back and apologized, telling the victim he put up a good fight. The man then grabbed the phone out of the victim's hand and ran off, according to the report.

The victim chased after the man but eventually lost him and called police.