Police: Men hurl racial slur, potted plants at victim

SEATTLE -- A man had just parked his convertible on the street Friday night in South Lake Union when he was called a racial slur and bombarded by potted plants, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The victim, who is black, parked with his girlfriend in the 900 block of Eighth Avenue North shortly before 10:15 p.m. According to the police report for the incident, shortly after he got out of the car someone yelled a racial slur at him and a plant fell from the sky and hit his car.

According to the report, a second plant followed the first and nearly hit the victim.

The victim looked up and saw two white men on a top-floor balcony of an apartment building continuing to taunt him and throw things at him, according to the report.

Officers arrived to find dirt and plants on the victim's car and clumps of dirt, plants and pieces of corn on the cob on the ground around the car.

After getting accounts of the incident from the victim and his girlfriend, officers went to the roof of the apartment building and looked down onto the balcony, where they saw soil and planters strewn about.

Officers knocked on the door of the unit, but no one answered. A neighbor told officers the apartment is rented by two men in their early 20s and gave their names.

A second knock on the apartment's door also went unanswered, so officers -- unsure if the men had exited the building or were just hiding in their apartment -- left behind a business card.