Police: Masked man with gun discovered hiding in Kmart

CHEHALIS, Wash. -- A masked man with a gun was discovered hiding in a back room at the Chehalis Kmart and probably would have robbed the store had employees not started searching for him first, according to the Chehalis Police Department.

According to police, employees noticed a man come into the store late June 21 but never saw him leave. After closing the store, employees started searching for the man.

Employees heard a fire alarm sound from a rear door and discovered the man had been hiding in an unused room, according to police. He likely ran off when he realized employees were looking for him.

Kmart employees originally thought the man was planning to shoplift, but surveillance footage showed he had changed his clothes, put on a ski mask and pulled out a handgun prior to leaving the store -- a sign he planned on robbing it, according to police.

Officers arrived at the store, but were unable to find the masked man in the area.