Police: Man's new friend enjoys long walks, robbing people

SEATTLE -- A Ballard man's new friend enjoys chatting over drinks, taking long walks around the neighborhood and robbing people he meets at bars, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the victim met the suspect at a bar near 11th Avenue and Pine Street in Capitol Hill Saturday night. The two talked and drank for a while before deciding to stroll around the neighborhood.

While still out and about around 4 a.m., the suspect told the victim he had a gun and needed the victim to go to an ATM and withdraw cash, according to police.

The victim complied, and the suspect reportedly ran off with the victim's cash and probably his faith in his fellow man.

The victim walked to the East Precinct to report the robbery, and detectives are investigating.

It's not the first time -- and certainly won't be the last time -- someone was victimized by a new drinking buddy.

Back in April 2013, a North Seattle resident found his home invaded by a man he had maybe been sharing a bottle of schnapps with the night before.

Last October, a man met two women at a Queen Anne bar and was only too happy when they agreed to make out with him in his apartment. He was less happy when they robbed him.