Police: Man who hates gypsies threatens to kill local psychic

SEATTLE -- A man with a history of bullying Romani, also known as gypsies, threatened to kill a local psychic after she failed to respond to his extortion attempts, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the owner of a psychic-reading business in the International District received a series of hang-up calls back on Dec. 28 followed by a phone call from a very angry man threatening to break her windows if she didn't pay him off.

The victim was unable to give police any information on the caller at the time because his number showed up as restricted on her caller ID.

According to police, the victim didn't hear from the man again until Friday, when she received a number of angry voice mails, including a threat to kill her.

This time, the caller's phone number showed up on the victim's caller ID, and officers called him back.

According to police, the suspect told officers he hates Romani -- the victim identifies herself as Romani -- and he has a history of threatening them.

Officers told the 66-year-old suspect, who lives in Battle Ground, to knock off his hateful behavior. He is now facing possible telephone-harassment charges.