Police: Man steals $100 from victim using increasingly terrible con

SEATTLE -- A con artist was caught seemingly red-handed and shoeless by his mark but still managed to make off with $100, making him either Seattle's worst or best flim-flam man.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim was on his porch in the 1700 block of Southwest Trenton Street around 2 p.m. last Sunday when a man walked up and said he was a friend of a friend.

The man reportedly asked the victim to borrow $10 so he could buy gas and pick up his wife. The victim lent the man the money under the condition he repay it after getting his wife.

Shortly after lending the money, the victim went to visit a friend. When he got back to his house, he found the man he had lent money to standing shoeless next to an open window, according to the report.

According to the report, the man, who had one of his shoes in his hand, told the victim it was unwise to leave windows open in his home and that he accidentally dropped his missing shoe through one of the open windows.

The victim later told officers he found the man's missing shoe in a bedroom where all the drawers had been opened and a jar of about $10 in change was missing.

Despite the apparent burglary, the man told the victim he wanted to repay him the $10 he had borrowed but only had a $100 bill, according to the report. The victim only had $80 in change, but the man said that was fine; he would give the victim an extra $10 for lending him the money in the first place.

But after the man took the victim's $80, he claimed he couldn't find the $100 bill and must have left it at his house, according to the report. The man left to go get the $100 bill, but the victim told officers he never came back.

According to the report, the victim was very embarrassed by the whole situation.