Police: Man simply too drunk, clumsy to burglarize Seattle home

SEATTLE -- There's a fine line between being drunk enough to consider burglarizing an occupied home and being too drunk to complete that burglary without falling down a flight of stairs. The suspect in this incident was firmly on the falling-down-a-flight-of-stairs side of that line.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, a resident in the 9200 block of Densmore Avenue North was woken up by someone loudly knocking on his front door sometime before 6 a.m. last Saturday.

The victim answered the door and told the suspect to go away. But as soon as the victim closed the door, the suspect started kicking it hard enough to shake the entire wall, according to the report.

The victim -- who really was pushing his luck at this point -- opened the door again to tell the suspect to go away, and the suspect reportedly forced his way into the apartment.

According to the report, the obviously drunk suspect stumbled upon getting inside and fell down a flight of stairs into the basement, where he broke a door.

The victim armed himself with a bat and attempted to hit the suspect with it, not having much luck due to the confined space of the stairway.

The suspect, "apparently having enough of the victim," walked back up the stairs and out the front door, according to the report.

The victim chased the suspect around the neighborhood but eventually lost him. Officers were unable to find the suspect when they arrived.

According to the report, officers believe they may have contacted the same suspect in connection with a disturbance earlier that morning.