Police: Man 'reeking' of cologne burglarizing Olympia residents

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Keep your nostrils open, Olympia residents, because a man "reeking" of cologne is suspected in a number of residential burglaries in the city.

According to the Olympia Police Department, the victim in the most-recent incident arrived home for lunch around noon Thursday and found a car parked in her yard.

The victim stopped the man walking toward the car and asked what he was doing. According to police, the man told her he was checking to see if anyone was home.

After the man quickly drove off, the victim realized her garage had been burglarized.

The suspect is described as a thin white man, around 19 or 20 years old and approximately 6-feet-tall. He was wearing a dark baseball hat and smelled very strongly of cologne.

He was driving a small, clean, bright red, two-door, early 2000s model Honda or Mazda.

According to police, the suspect and crime descriptions are similar to other recent burglaries in southeast Olympia.