Police: Man molested girl at Enumclaw library

ENUMCLAW, Wash. -- A registered sex offender is accused of grabbing a girl and groping her in a public library bathroom.

Travis Lear, 25, reportedly said "he just couldn't help himself" when he allegedly attacked the 11-year-old child Wednesday at the Enumclaw Public Library.

The girl was waiting for her father in the car when Lear allegedly grabbed her and dragged her into the library. Police said he took the girl into a bathroom and locked the door. Inside, he told the girl he could not control his urges, investigators said, and as he groped her, threatened to kill her if she screamed.

After the incident, the man ran out the door, but was captured on surveillance cameras. Police recognized the man on the video footage, and tracked him to his mother's house.

"That's the first time I've known him to actually be forceful with anyone," said Lear's mother, Regina Vilca.

Lear pleaded guilty to child rape in 2008 for having sex with a 14-year-old victim.

"Devastate me, yes. It's to the point where, sad to say, I almost don't even choose to call him my son anymore," said Vilca.

Lear waived his right to appear in court on Thursday. A judge ordered him held on $1 million bail.

But his mother doesn't believe he should be released.

"If this is the kind of life he plans on leading, then I feel he should be taken out of the public eye," she said.

Vilca now worries about the harm done to the 11-year-old girl.

Even if charged and convicted, the prosecutor said the incident would not count as Lear's second strike, which would lead to an automatic life sentence.