Police: Man leaves pig wearing sweatpants trapped in hot car

SEATTLE -- Bringing just a touch of the absurd to the usual, tragic summertime story of pets left alone in hot cars, one of the animals found unattended by officers Saturday in Magnolia was a pig wearing sweatpants.

According to the Seattle Police Department, a passerby called 911 around 9 p.m. when they saw a small dog and a half-naked pot-bellied pig in a car parked near West Bertona Street and Gilman Avenue West.

The passerby opened the car's unlocked doors to get the animals some air, but with outside temperatures around 86 degrees officers still arrived to find the dog panting and the pig lethargic, according to police.

In addition to the animals, officers reportedly found empty food and water bowls and feces in the car. Plus, the owner of the car left his keys in the ignition, which is apparently illegal, according to police.

Officers gave the animals fresh water and then located the car's owner in a bar down the street, where he'd been for around 45 minutes.

According to police, the agitated man demanded officers show him where they found feces, and they did.

Officers reminded the man not to leave pets in unventilated spaces without food and water and turned the case over to Renton Animal Control for investigation.