Police: Man goes door-to-door robbing in U-District

SEATTLE -- We've all heard of door-to-door sales (or door-to-door rocking), but this is getting ridiculous.

According to the Seattle Police Department, someone went around a U-District apartment complex early last Thursday, knocking on doors and robbing anyone who happened to answer.

Residents in one unit in the building in the 1100 block of Northeast 47th Street heard a knock on their door around 4 a.m. But, when they looked out the peephole they didn't see anyone.

According to the police report for the incident, when the residents opened the door the suspect jumped out in front of them and demanded money. The residents later told officers the man kept his hand in his front pocket and may have had a weapon.

The residents gave the suspect $5 at first but ended up giving him $20 when he said it wasn't enough, according to the report.

The suspect reportedly hit at least two other units in the building around the same time.

Officers viewed surveillance footage of the suspect entering and exiting the building and advised residents not to open their doors at the time of day unless they absolutely knew who was there.