Police: Man beat up, robbed for six lemons

SEATTLE -- I know if life gives you lemons you're supposed to make lemonade. But, what are you supposed to make if life takes those lemons away?

According to the Seattle Police Department, two men beat up and robbed a shopper for half-a-dozen lemons Saturday night in Rainier Beach, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The victim had just purchased the lemons at a store in the 9000 block of Rainier Avenue South and was walking across the parking lot shortly after 10:30 p.m when he noticed five men and women following him.

According to the police report for the incident, one of the men suddenly punched the victim in the side of the face from behind then hit him in the shoulder. A second man reportedly kicked the victim in the leg and took his lemons.

The victim told officers he ran back to the store with all five people chasing after him. When he got back to the store, he yelled for security, and a store employee called 911 for him.

Officers arrived too late to catch the alleged lemon thieves but believe they may have been captured on the store's surveillance cameras.