Police: Man attacks friends when his generosity isn't repaid

SEATTLE -- A man with long, blonde hair first reported to be wearing a dress (later downgraded to a jacket and pants) attacked a group of friends with beer bottles and cans after he bought them pizza and they refused to give him a beer early Friday in Capitol Hill, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, this backdoor lesson about sharing started when three female friends headed out Thursday night for a going-away party for one of them.

The women quickly ran into an acquaintance (spoiler: this is the alleged beer-thrower mentioned earlier) and agreed to let him join their celebrations. The group proceeded to go to two more bars, with the acquaintance being totally pleasant and fun the whole time.

After the last bar in the 600 block of East Pine Street closed early Friday morning, the group went to a pizza place across the street where the acquaintance bought slices for the whole group.

But when one of the female friends bought beer at a nearby market, she wouldn't give one to the acquaintance, and he became extremely agitated, according to the report.

Meanwhile, one of the women had called a male friend to come pick them up, and he arrived to find the acquaintance yelling loudly at the women, according to the report.

As the women were getting into the male friend's car, the acquaintance reportedly threw a full can of beer, hitting one of the women in the glasses. According to the report, he followed this up by throwing a full beer bottle at the ground and a partially full beer bottle at the car, breaking its windshield.

According to the report, the driver got out and yelled at the acquaintance, who kicked him in the leg.

Officers eventually arrived and arrested the acquaintance, booking him in to King County Jail.