Police: Kids in both cars during Seattle road-rage incident

SEATTLE -- Children were present in both cars involved in a road-rage incident that ended with a drawn gun and one arrest Friday afternoon in North Seattle, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The incident started around 4 p.m. on I-5 near Lynnwood when a man and his girlfriend - who aren't from around here and didn't know where they were going - were following behind an acquaintance's car.

According to the police report for the incident, the suspect's car merged in between the man and his girlfriend and their acquaintance's car. And, that's where the victims' and the suspect's stories diverge.

The victims - who had children in the car with them - would later tell officers they tried to get around the suspect in order to keep following their acquaintance, but the suspect wouldn't let them in.

They said the suspect was driving aggressively, so they ended up following him to report the incident to police.

According to the report, the suspect - who had a woman and their 8-month-old child in the car with him - and the victims parked in the 2100 block of North 140th Street.

The victims told officers the suspect got out of his car and pointed a gun through the passenger window. The boyfriend said he got out to confront the suspect and protect his girlfriend, and a fight ensued.

The boyfriend told officers he was able to disable the man's gun by pushing the slide back. He said the suspect tried to drive off while he was hanging onto his car, causing him to fall and cut himself.

Meanwhile, the suspect called police from Greenwood Avenue North in order to report the incident himself.

The suspect and the woman with him told officers the suspect was enraged and tried to run them off the road multiple times while on I-5. They said they were terrified because their 8-month-old was in the backset, and the victim was acting crazy and following them.

According to the report, the suspect didn't mention a gun until officers asked him where it was. He told them he put it into his other car while dropping their child off before returning to Seattle to report the incident.

The suspect told officers he took the gun out of his holster and put it into his hoodie pocket in case he was going to need it while confronting the victim.

He said he took it out and pointed it at the ground when the victim came after him but never pointed it directly at anyone. He said the victim grabbed the gun at one point and said now he could shoot the suspect.

The suspect told officers he tried to get back in his car instead of confront the victim, but the victim attacked him immediately.

After discussing the incident, officers arrested the suspect, and he was booked into King County Jail for investigation of harassment.

The case has been referred to the City Attorney's Office.