Police: Inmates captured after escaping jail, stealing teens' clothes

ENUMCLAW, Wash. - Two inmates from the Enumclaw city jail in Enumclaw are back in custody after escaping overnight and forcing two teens to trade clothes, police said.

The two men, both in an inmate work program, were on the main floor of the Enumclaw Police Department when they were able to separate themselves from visible contact with guards and flee from the building.

The inmates then confronted several local teenagers in a residential area in the northeast section of the city, hitting one in the head and taking their clothes, shoes and a cell phone, said Capt. Bob Huebler of the Enumclaw police.

The men then dressed themselves in the teens' clothes in an attempt to disguise themselves.

Soon afterward, police were able to track down and recapture both suspects, Huebler said.

One was arrested two hours later in a residential area with the assistance of a K-9 police dog from Kent. That inmate suffered minor injuries from a dog bite.

The other was arrested four hours later at a downtown convenience store after being spotted riding a bike by a King County Sheriff's Office helicopter crew.

The two escapees were identified as:

Joseph Michael Zelepula, 21, who was serving a 60-day sentence for attempted theft and driving on a suspended license.

Danny Lee Phelps, 25, who was serving a 305-day sentence for criminal conspiracy and drug paraphernalia.

Now the two face additional charges which could land them in prison, if convicted.