Police hunting for bank-robbing Elephant Man Bandit

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Safe Streets Task Force is searching for a serial bank robber known as the Elephant Man Bandit because of the material he wears over his head, according to the FBI's Seattle Division.

The Elephant Man Bandit is wanted in connection with a July 5 robbery at a Whidbey Island Bank in Bothell, a July 12 robbery at a Banner Bank in Woodinville and a July 17 robbery at a Whidbey Island Bank in Shoreline.

In each robbery, the Elephant Man Bandit, wearing a shirt or some other material over his head, implied he had a gun and drove off with the money, according to the FBI.

According to the FBI, the suspect, who fittingly may have facial scarring, is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Confidential to the people responsible for naming suspected bank robbers: While the Elephant Man Bandit is a catchy name to be sure, you could probably attract a younger demographic of potential tipsters by referencing the Scarecrow from "Batman Begins."