Police: Gun pulled on student near Nathan Hale High School

SEATTLE -- A Nathan Hale High School student had a gun pressed into his face by a someone who thought he was "beefing" Friday afternoon near the school, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, officers were called to the high school around 4:45 p.m. and met with the victim and his mother.

The victim told officers the incident started back on Jan. 13 when he was at Northgate Mall with his cousin and little brother. He said he saw the suspect walk by and pointed at him, telling his brother and cousin, "There he is."

According to the report, the suspect, seeing the victim point at him, walked over and asked if the victim had a beef while pulling a handgun out of his pocket.

The victim said he didn't have a beef and was just pointing the suspect out. He then left the mall and headed for the Northgate Transit Center.

According to the report, the suspect confronted the victim a second time at the Transit Center. The victim said the suspect was waving his gun around, using it as a pointer.

The victim told officers he was upset and asked the suspect if he wanted to fight without guns, as he did not carry one. But after a few words were exchanged, the two went their separate ways.

Then on Friday, the victim was leaving Nathan Hale around 4:15 p.m. when a friend of the suspect "skipped up" to him in the parking lot and asked if he wanted to fight the suspect without guns.

The victim said he declined and walked away because he thought once he beat up the suspect, the suspect would get mad and shoot him.

According to the report, the suspect and two friends followed the victim onto a nearby pedestrian trail, and the suspect pulled the gun out of his coat and put it close enough to the victim's face to touch his nose.

The suspect asked the victim, "Are you still beefing? Who's the square now?" according to the report. The victim responded that he had no problem with the suspect and walked back to the nearby gym to report the incident to his coach.

A staff member called 911, but officers were unable to find the suspect when they arrived.

Det. Renee Witt said the suspect is still at large, and police are continuing to investigate the incident.