Police: grandmother, daughter attacked during Seahawks parade

SEATTLE -- It may be an hour from Seattle, but there is no doubt Margy Conlee's house in Pierce County is also home to the 12th Man: A large Seahawks blanket covers the couch, a big blue balloon is attached to the television, and a Super Bowl championship hat greets visitors as they walk in.

So it was no surprise when Conlee rounded up her daughter, granddaughter, and a neighbor to make the long trek to Seattle for the Seahawks' Super Bowl victory parade last week. It wasn't easy nor quick - they drove to Lakewood, hopped a bus, and walked until they found a spot outside CenturyLink Field, where her 7-year old granddaughter hoped to catch a glimpse of her favorite player, Russell Wilson.

That never happened.

"I heard my daughter say, 'He hit me!' And as I came up (from picking up my cell phone), I still just see this brown fist just coming at me," Conlee said. "That's all I see."

The physical altercation started as a verbal one a few minutes earlier, according to a police report. Conlee's daughter, Alyxa, had asked a group of three people standing next to them to keep their language down.

"(It was) just very vulgar, very disrespectful to everybody," Alyza remembers. "I asked, 'Would you refrain from using such language? Because my daughter's here and I don't appreciate it.'"

"He said he had his own effing 5-year old there and wasn't going to change his language for everybody," added Conlee. "(My daughter) tapped him on the arm, like, 'Can you please stop?' and that's when all the ruckus started."

The two men each punched Alyxa in the face, while a woman pulled her hair. One of the men began punching Margy, who is 62 years old. The whole event, police say, was witnessed by the two girls who were with them, including Alyxa's 7-year old daughter.

"I remember (I was) on the ground. I remember crying. I remember crowds and that's all," said Alyxa. "Now I can't close my eyes without seeing (the attackers)."

Alyxa had bruises and a slight concussion. As someone who has battled glaucoma since she was a child, she worried about long-term impacts to her vision. Her mother was left with a gash across her forehead and two black eyes. The children escaped unscathed.

Police only have a generic description of the attackers, according to a report of the incident. Both men are described as African American; one, in his 30s or 40s, with an average build and a strong smell of marijuana. Their female companion is described as Asian or Pacific Islander, about 5'4", and 120 pounds. All three escaped into the crowd after the melee, police said.

"This shouldn't have happened. What was going through your mind when that first punch came?" asked Alyxa. "What was so important that you had to go and hit someone? A woman! It just ruined it."

"I can tell you where I'll be next year's parade," added her mother, "sitting right here on that sofa."