Police: Gang of men rob woman, sell her skateboard for weed

SEATTLE -- A group of men threatened to assault a woman after stealing her skateboard, which they apparently later sold for five baggies of weed, Friday night in downtown Seattle, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was standing outside the McDonald's near Third Avenue and Pine Street when a group of approximately seven men approached her and ripped the skateboard out of her hands.

The man that grabbed the skateboard reportedly threatened to punch the victim in the face. Not backing down, the victim told him if he punched her he better kill her because she would beat him up.

According to the report, a second man spit in the victim's face and kicked her in the leg (despite this, she would later describe him to officers as "good looking").

After going into the street to escape further violence, the victim asked the men where her skateboard was. According to the report, they told her they had already sold it for five baggies of weed.

When officers arrived and found the victim inside Macy's, she told them the group responsible for the theft of her skateboard, which she said is worth $500, is known to hang out in front of the McDonald's selling pot.

Officers were unable to locate any possible suspects.