Police: Female robber distracts victim with well-timed crotch grab

SEATTLE -- A woman distracted her mark by dancing on him and (unwantedly) grabbing his crotch while removing the large wad of cash from his front pocket last Tuesday night in an International District bar, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was standing near the jukebox in the bar in the 500 block of South King Street shortly before midnight when a woman a woman in her late-40s started dancing with him.

When the woman began to touch the victim's groin area, he told her to stop, saying, "You've got the wrong idea." But, the woman grabbed his crotch again, this time also taking $215 in cash out of his front pocket, according to the report.

The woman reportedly made a beeline for the front door, but the victim grabbed her and demanded his cash back. According to the report, the woman threw a few dollars on the ground in response (some guy promptly scooped the cash off the ground and ran off).

According to the report, the woman was able to get free and run toward a nearby bus terminal. A witness saw her attempting to escape and clotheslined her as she ran by.

The witness and another man held the woman down, intending to wait for officers. But, proving no good deed goes unpunished, a Metro security employee threatened to hit them with a Taser if they didn't let her go.

According to the report, the woman got free again and boarded a Route 49 bus heading west.

Officers found the woman a short time later near Third Avenue and James Street and arrested her. They found only $60 on her at the time of her arrest.