Police: Drivers dragged from cars, beaten in Seattle's Belltown

SEATTLE -- Three people were dragged from their cars and beaten by a group of up to a dozen men early last Saturday in Belltown, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, friends in a white Lexus sedan and a black truck were driving side by side on Second Avenue around 12:45 a.m. They had a green light as they approached the intersection at Lenora Street, but a group of 10 to 12 men were reportedly taking their time crossing the street and making traffic slow for them.

When the Lexus and truck got to the intersection, the men in the street apparently took offense and became hostile, kicking and hitting the Lexus, according to the report.

The two occupants of the Lexus opened the doors to confront the men, but as soon as they did so, they were dragged from the car, according to the report. One victim was reportedly dragged to a nearby alcove, where he was repeatedly kicked, punched and stomped on by several men, resulting in a broken finger. The other victim was reportedly kicked and punched near the passenger side of the Lexus, suffering several scrapes and a bloody nose.

According to the report, the passenger in the black truck got out to help his friends and was punched several times in the head. Meanwhile, a number of the men reportedly continued to kick the truck.

Officers were stopped in their patrol car on Second Avenue when they heard tires screeching and saw the black truck accelerating and braking rapidly near the intersection of Lenora Street before speeding through the intersection and stopping on the next block. What they were seeing was apparently the driver of the truck attempting to get away from the violent crowd.

With the truck out of the way, officers were able to see what one described as "a reign of terror" by the group of attackers. But, when the officers turned on their emergency lights, the crowd scattered.

Officers separately interviewed the occupants of the Lexus and the truck, and they all closely corroborated the above story, according to the report.

While none of the victims were able to give a very detailed description of their attackers, they were able to provide officers the license plate number of an SUV some of the attackers may have left in.