Police: Driver with child in car points gun at churchgoing family

FIFE, Wash. -- A 29-year-old man with his young daughter in the car pointed a gun at a family of five on its way to church during a road-rage incident Sunday in Fife, according to charges filed Monday with Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, the Fife Police Department received a report of a man pointing a handgun at another car and stopped the suspect, Brett Langholz, as he was on his way home.

Langholz, who admitted to having a gun in his glove compartment but no concealed weapons permit, told officers he had picked up his daughter from a housing development when a van suddenly started tailgating him, according to the charging documents.

He said the van was probably tailgating him because he was going the 20 mph speed limit at the time. He told officers the van cut him off, so he pulled up alongside it and flipped off the driver.

He denied ever pointing a gun at the van.

Officers spoke with the victim, who was driving to church with his wife and three young children at the time of the incident.

He said a purple VW Beetle pulled out of a housing development and cut him off so that he had to brake to avoid hitting it. He told officers that upset him, so he cut off the Beetle.

According to the charging documents, the victim said the Beetle pulled up alongside his van, and the driver, who also had a young child in his car, pointed a gun at him before turning off down a side street.

The victim told officers he thought the other driver was going to kill him or at least shoot him and his family.

Langholz was arrested, and his daughter was turned over to his wife. He has been charged with assault.