Police: Driver runs into pedestrians saving parking space

SEATTLE -- The question of whether pedestrians can save a parking space for a friend by standing in it and whether drivers looking for a parking space can in turn hit those pedestrians with their cars has been plaguing mankind for far too long. So, it comes as a relief to hear the Seattle Police Department unofficially weighed in on it last week.

Officers were flagged down near the stadiums in the 1600 block of Third Avenue South Wednesday afternoon over a parking dispute.

According to the police report for the incident, two men were standing in a parking space in order to save it for a friend when a car pulled into the space and hit their legs, leaving them with some minor scrapes.

The space savers told officers the driver announced he was going to park there and continued pulling slowly into the space despite them standing in his way.

The driver told officers he started pulling into the space after saying the men couldn't save it and they jumped forward, banging on his hood and side window.

Presented with this "Seinfeld"-esque question of social mores, officers ruled temporarily in favor of the space savers, listing the driver as an assault suspect before passing the case on the the City Attorney's Office.