Police: Driver intentionally mows down cyclist, then drives off

SEATTLE - Police are searching for a driver who they say intentionally hit a bicyclist in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood then drove off, leaving the injured cyclist lying in the roadway.

The incident unfolded on Friday as Neal DeWitt, 54, was pedaling in the bike lane on his his normal route to work.

He says he commutes 20 miles a day by bicycle as a way to stay in shape

"I feel better, my weights stays down ... and I just feel better about myself," he says.

But on Friday at the intersection of 40th Street and Wallingford a car drove up behind DeWitt - and his frustration with unruly drivers was triggered.

"The car comes up kind behind and beside me, and the light changes, and he goes and I go, and it's like he's trying to get by me and I'm like, 'What's the hurry?'"

Those words apparently angered the driver in the car, described as a Subaru Impreza. According to police, the driver hit DeWitt and then drove away.

"Next thing I know I'm laying on the ground going 'Ahhh!' and somebody's moving my arm, my arm, my arm, my arm - it hurts," DeWitt says.

His arm was broken and he was bruised all over with a black eye.

"It's broken right here, just below the shoulder side socket," he says.

DeWitt, a married father of two, gave his family quite a scare. Now they want the driver who fled the scene to come forward.

DeWitt's wife Janice says, "Why didn't you care enough to stop? Excuse me, you could have killed him."

DeWitt is now back at home hoping for better respect and understanding among those who use our roads.

"The bicyclist battles the cars out there, the cars battle the bicyclists," he says.

And because of that reality, this cyclist is now out of work, off his bike and hoping for justice.

"It just shouldn't have happened," DeWitt says.

The unknown driver is wanted for investigation of felony vehicular assault and hit and run.

Anyone with information is asked to call Seattle police.