Police: Dog walker who reported body was hit-and-run driver

SEATTLE -- Sheriff's investigators now say the dog-walker who reported finding a body in Kenmore is actually the hit-and-run driver who killed the victim.

The alleged driver's own defense attorney first mentioned it, and investigators say Sydney Jones made the 911 call while walking her dog, but it's unclear if she added that she was the driver who fled the scene.

With her family watching from behind the courtroom glass, Jones waived her right to appear before a judge during her court session Tuesday, while a prosecutor read the charges against her.

Investigators say Jones was driving her truck when she hit Shoreline Community College student J.D. Humphreys. At first, it was reported a woman walking her dog came across the body and contacted police. Now her own attorney says it was Jones who made that 911 call.

"She was actually the individual who contacted police to get them there to investigate the scene," the attorney said. "There was a delay. She did leave the scene."

Investigators aren't sure when Humphreys was hit and killed, but say at some point Jones decided to walk her dog, headed over to where his body was located, then called 911 to report it.

It's unclear if Jones identified herself as the driver when she made that 911 call, or pretended to be a passerby.

Late in the day, Jones surrendered at Kenmore city hall.

The victim's father said for the driver to leave the scene in the first place made no sense.

"I'm real angry about what makes a person have to think that way," Mark Humphreys said Monday. "I think that the person was scared and left because they were scared."

In court Tuesday, Mark Humphreys shared a few words with the suspect's family, then left.

Meanwhile, the judge found probable cause to hold Jones and set bail at $50,000 for investigation of felony hit and run. That could be upgraded to vehicular homicide as more evidence comes in.