Police: Dangerously high man goes on naked rampage

SEATTLE -- A man high on far too many drugs went on a naked rampage, damaging cars, tearing out his hair and threatening officers with a rock, Tuesday evening in Eastlake, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, officers responded to Lakeview Boulevard and Belmont Avenue East around 7:30 p.m. for reports of a man wearing a shirt but no pants throwing rocks and damaging cars like some sort of furious Winnie-the-Pooh.

Officers found the man, who had torn out patches of his hair, walking nearby. According to police, he gave officers a fake name then ran off.

The man reportedly stopped briefly to threaten officers with a rock before taking off what little clothing he was wearing and resuming his run.

According to police, officers found the man half a mile away lying in a planting strip in the 2000 block of Minor Avenue East.

Officers arrested him, and he reportedly admitted to taking cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD and more.

According to police, the man asked officers for clothes then complained he was too hot. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.