Police: Cab driver abducts, robs Seattle woman to buy cocaine

SEATTLE -- A cab driver and another man abducted and robbed a Seattle woman early Saturday morning in order to get money for cocaine, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim had been out drinking Friday night in Capitol Hill before getting into a cab alone around closing time.

She later told officers the driver asked for her license and there was another man in the front passenger seat of the cab -- both of which she thought were odd -- but she had been drinking and just wanted to get home.

After a few minutes of driving, the victim realized they were nowhere near her home or on any reasonable route to it.

She told officers the men in the front seat were discussing how much money they would need to buy cocaine, and she started fearing for her safety. She said she started to wonder if she would even make it home.

According to the report, the cab finally stopped in Maple Leaf, and the men demanded her money. The victim reportedly gave them $200, but they became angry and said that wasn't enough. She said the men told her to hand over her cellphone, which she did.

The victim was finally allowed to get out of the cab, and she walked home. She later tracked her stolen phone to Sea-Tac and then to Rainier Valley.

She told officers she was hesitant to call police because she was afraid the incident was her fault because she had been drunk. Officers told the woman that was not the case.