Police bust house party, arrest 31 teens, 1 homeowner

TUMWATER, Wash. -- Who do you think is more disappointed right now: the parents of the 31 teens arrested for allegedly drinking at a party or the parents of the 53-year-old man arrested for allegedly supplying the booze?

That's right, Thurston County's Party Intervention Patrol struck again this weekend. This time, the team arrested 31 youths between the ages of 15 and 19 on suspicion of being minors in possession of alcohol at a house party Saturday in Tumwater.

According to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office, the Party Intervention Patrol was alerted by neighbors calling 911 with noise complaints and arrived to find bottles and binge-drinking games throughout the house on Filly Court Southeast.

In addition to arresting the youths, the team arrested the homeowner on suspicion of furnishing alcohol for minors.

The goal of the Party Intervention Patrol, part of Thurston County Target Zero, is to curb underage drinking. Thurston County Target Zero Manager Jerry Noviello said underage drinkers contribute disproportionately to vehicle deaths in the county.

"By busting these underage binge-drinking parties during these patrols, the Party Intervention Patrol is able to give all youth and their parents a set of resources that will help them to be safe and make better choices in the future," Noviello said in a press release.

Prior to busting the party, the Party Intervention Patrol stopped a truck that was speeding through Capitol Forest with a group of teens in the pickup bed. According to the Prosecutor's Office, three teens in the back had been drinking, and the driver was nearly double the legal limit.