Police bust alleged mother-son carjacking duo

SEATTLE -- A mother and son accused of carjacking a woman at the Northgate park and ride Thursday afternoon are now in custody.

Police say a woman was loading her bags into the trunk of her car around 5 p.m. when a man grabbed her from behind in a bear hug and put his hands over her mouth.

As the victim fought her attacker, she heard a woman's voice urging her to hand over the keys to her Jeep, police said.

The victim was able to break away but in the process, dropped her keys, allowing the carjackers to climb into her Jeep and speed away, nearly running over the woman in the process.

A witness who heard the woman's screams chased after the carjackers as they drove through oncoming traffic and into an office park. There the driver lost control, struck a parked car and then crashed into a curb. The impact sheared off the Jeep's front axle and triggered the air bags.

The carjackers ran off, ditching some of their clothing in the process, police said. But detectives processing the crime scene found documents in the discarded clothes that tied them to their suspects; 24-year-old Kendrick Epps and his 54-year-old mother Nancy Epps.

Officers tracked down and arrested the mother-son duo at a motel in North Seattle Friday afternoon.