Police: Burglar makes big mess at Olympia businesses

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Police are looking for a man who decided he wasn't just going to burglarize Olympia businesses, he was going to be kind of a jerk about it, vandalizing the insides of hair salons and a chiropractor's office.

According to the Olympia Police Department, five businesses in northeast Olympia were targeted Sunday and Monday nights by what they believe is one man.

The burglar reportedly used a pry bar to enter three hair salons and a chiropractor's office and took money. The burglar also sprayed hair-care products all over the floors and walls of the salons, damaged furniture, and discharged a fire extinguisher, according to police.

The burglar was in the process of prying open a bakery's door when a neighbor yelled at him, scaring him off, according to police.

(Courtesy of Olympia Police Department)