Police: Blanchet HS burglarized by man with anti-police tattoo

SEATTLE -- A man known only by his "[expletive] the police" chest tattoo broke into Blanchet High School early Tuesday and made off with two laptops, leaving his friend passed out outside the school, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, an employee arrived at the school around 6:30 a.m. and found an exterior window broken out. A window into the main office was also broken.

Blanchet security found a man sleeping outside the school. According to the report, the man said he had shot up heroin and needed a place to pass out.

The man reportedly told officers he had been with a friend who had broken into the school while he slept. He was unable to provide the friend's name but said he had an anti-police tattoo on his chest.

According to the report, surveillance footage shows the unknown man breaking into the school through a window and then breaking into the office, where two laptops were later discovered missing.

The footage never showed the sleeping man entering the school, and officers admonished him for trespassing and escorted him off the property.

While officers now have surveillance footage of the intruder, the footage never shows a clear view of his face. So, they're still mostly going by his unfortunate tattoo.